With the STOP! Plastic Academy we spread our (micro)plastic knowledge based on our research findings, experiences and scientific papers. Our Train-the-Trainer program enables school children and company representatives to spread the acquired knowledge to their colleagues, customers and peers.

In a Train-the-Trainer program, we educate STOP! Plastic Academy Coaches on the topic of (micro)plastics. We strive to provide the coaches with methods and knowledge to raise awareness about (micro)plastic pollution and to guide children and adolescents in building local STOP! Stations – solutions to stop plastic entering nature. The Train-the-Trainer program is supported by the German Postcode Lottery.

CLD: Collect-Learn-Dispose
Together with regional groups of children, adolescents and adults, we clean riverbanks, lake areas, forests and beaches. The clean ups are followed by lessons on how the waste got there and how this can be prevented. The participants learn ways to avoid waste and concrete hands-on actions to protect nature.

Ocean College
Once a year, for a group of students, the classroom is relocated to a research sailboat. For 6 months, the Ocean College sails around the world and the students learn the necessary nautical skills in addition to the normal school material. And also the STOP!Plastik Academy is part of the training programme. Together we clean beaches from plastic waste and the young adults learn all about microplastic pollution. We train the students to become STOP!Plastic coaches and support them in developing their own Stop! Stations.

How do (micro)plastics end up in nature? What can we do to prevent it? Take action! Become a STOP! Plastic Coach or set up your own STOP! Station. Contact us for further information.

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