We believe plastic waste can be caught before it reaches the oceans. Current solutions that stop waste in the rivers have two major drawbacks; they block ship traffic and/or hinder fish migration.The Bubble Barrier is an elegant solution that blocks waste in the river but also allows the passage of fish and ships: a barrier of bubbles. It is created by pumping air through a tube with holes which is placed on the bottom of the river. The rising bubbles result in an upwards current which brings the waste to the surface. At the surface, the water flow is directed sideways and the waste is being stopped from flowing downstream. By placing a Bubble Barrier diagonally in the waterway, we block plastics from moving downstream and make clever use of the current of the river to direct the waste to the banks. The waste accumulates on the side of the river where it can easily be collected with a catchment system. Fish can pass through the bubbles, underneath the Bubble Tubing or through the fish pass.