Microplastic pollution concerns everyone. It not only affects the environment, but also your health. Shift from single-use culture to a mindset of reuse. Shift from toxic to truly biodegradable or recyclable materials. Shift from throwaway attitude to an environment without plastics. Start right now and you‘ll see that it‘s actually easy to reduce plastics. Make little changes, spread the word and encourage others to reduce (micro)plastics. Participate in a beach or river clean-up, pick up trash off the streets, refuse single use plastics, wash better with the TEN FOR THE OCEAN Washing Guide and filter your wastewater.

STOP! Micro Waste and the STOP! Plastic Academy provide education and a variety of actions to raise awareness about microplastic pollution. Join us in the fight for a plastic free nature by taking part in one of our workshops or clean-ups or by becoming a certified STOP! Plastic Coach.